Techniques Resonating Together

Techniques Resonating Together
Aeon mall Izumo (Izumo city, Shimane)
  • Products
    Paper-covered wall light / Traditional kumiko
  • Patterns
    2F Gathering Space 1 Hoshiasa, Goma, Yaeurabana-kikko, Kasane-Rindo / 2F Gathering Space 2 Kumiko top board table Traditional kumiko/Kakuasa-no-ha(mosaic),Shippo-Kikko
  • Material

In June 2012, five young artists based in Shimane rose to action, and started group activities under the “Shimane R Product” moniker. Up to this point, the materials and works have been shown off not only locally, but also in inner-city areas, and in Europe. 

The Aeon Mall Izumo store supports our activities. We decorated this newly built store with art. We put light tables or glass cases in rest areas on every floor inside the store, and also put Misumi town traditional crafts, Sekishu washi paper, and kumiko mosaic art in a gathering space that may well be the most noteworthy spot.

Large-scale, indirect lighting catches the eyes of visiting customers with its overwhelming presence. 

The store is a project which received enormous help from many people, a project in which us creators, too, racked our brains to rise up to the challenge. 

For Shimane R Product, this store became the start of a long and successful road.