1Inquiry InquiryMost of our items are made to order.
We cannot produce mass quantities, but we do accept customize orders so feel free to send us your request.
2Price estimate Price estimateLet us know which design (by product number), type of wood, size, quantity, specification you would like, as far as you can answer. We will calculate the estimate.
3A confirmation document for the order,sent and signed A confirmation document for the order,sent and signedTo prevent troubles, we will send you a confirmation document with all the deals and information written down. It will be the contract, so sign it and send us a copy back.
4Official order Official orderAfter the size and specification is fixed and we receive an official order, we will draw a CAD design just for you, so you can imagine the finished product.
5Measuring at site Measuring at siteFittings like the kumiko shoji all vary in size and specification, so measurement at the actual site is necessary. We recommend customers to consult a nearby housing reform company or construction company.
6Issuance of invoice Issuance of invoiceWe will issue the invoice after measuring the site.
If there are changes in the measurements, the quoted amount might change as well.
7Production ProductionOur craftsman will make each and every fitting with extreme care and skills.
It depends on the item and quantity, but we set 30 days from the official order as a standard delivery time. If you are in a hurry, please note so in your inquiry.
8Payment PaymentWe deliver our items only when the payment is complete. We appreciate your understanding.
9Delivery DeliveryWe will carefully pack the items and dispatch them. We accept specified delivery dates, but cannot accept time specification. We appreciate your understanding.