The dynamic graphic
drawn by tradition.
It is the evolutionary “Shoji”,
brightening the quality time.

“We want a smart shoji in our living room, rather than dangling a fancy curtain.”
Ideas like these were heard from our customers, unimaginable a few decades ago. As a craftsman and a professional of fittings, we wanted to create a modern shoji that would fit our customers’ wish and the contemporary housings of today.
Bringing the traditional designs drawn on “kumiko ranma” by craftsmen long ago, from the tokonoma (Japanese alcove) to modern living rooms.
As the ultimate mixture of Japanese and European interior culture, now the shoji design enters a new era with a new style.

Features of the “Living Shoji”



    A special workmanship seen only in high class kumiko ranma. Excellent in strength and durability, and can be arranged in various design patterns.

  • 伝統模様


    Each pattern is made twice the size of a conventional kumiko. The bold and dynamic design attractively matches widely spaced living rooms.

  • ハードユース対応


    For the dynamic design the wooden parts are made thicker, producing high strength and durability as a sliding door. The Japanese decoration is now more than an objet and something practical, and can be used in living rooms with children.

  • 低価格を実現


    We invented tools to accurately create the dynamic designs, reviewed the production process, and succeeded in mechanizing some of the procedures. The productivity and cost of kumiko work is now drastically improved, allowing us to introduce them in reasonable prices.

Living Shoji

Size ( W.1718×H.1870×D.30 )
  • L 01mitsukude

    The kikko pattern is the base of these kumiko panels. We recommend it to those for whom an ordinary shoji screen is insufficient.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥178,200〜(¥89,100 for single door)
    tax excluded¥162,000〜(¥81,000 for single door)

  • L 02ooasanohachirashi

    Our most popular item is inlaid with an asanoha pattern, whose motif is entwined hexagons. The scattered arrangement entertains the eye with its varying appearance.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥206,800〜(¥103,400 for single door)
    tax excluded¥188,000〜(¥94,000 for single door)

  • L 03hanachirashi

    A charming design with three patterns of inlay that suggest a field of alpine flowers. Asanoha, goma, sakura-kikko.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥233,200〜(¥116,600 for single door)
    tax excluded¥212,000〜(¥106,000 for single door)

  • L 04sanrenobi

    Depicts the scenery of a range of mountains in Japan. The beautiful kumiko pattern lends it a feeling of spaciousness. Asanoha, goma, sakura-kikko.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥292,600〜(¥146,300 for single door)
    tax excluded¥266,000〜(¥133,000 for single door)

  • L 05ooasanoha

    An elegant design that suggests the wrapping of a kimono sash. The familiar Japanese pattern briskly livens up a room.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥250,800〜(¥125,400 for single door)
    tax excluded¥228,000〜(¥114,000 for single door)

  • L 06oogoma

    We recommend this pattern, based on a motif of goma (sesame) created through the interweaving of crisp, straight lines, to those who seek a simpler lifestyle.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥286,000〜(¥143,000 for single door)
    tax excluded¥260,000〜(¥130,000 for single door)

  • L 07oogarashippoukikkou

    This graceful kumiko depicts a pattern of twisting trees. The beautiful, overlapping circles offer a relaxing and genteel atmosphere.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥270,600〜(¥135,300 for single door)
    tax excluded¥246,000〜(¥123,000 for single door)

  • L 08oosakurakikkou

    This pattern, with its beautiful and charming motif of tortoise shells, is constructed with an original technique. The design suggests the refinement of cherry blossoms.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥312,400〜(¥156,200 for single door)
    tax excluded¥284,000〜(¥142,000 for single door)

  • L 09oogarakasanerindo

    An enigmatic pattern that can appear as stars or, depending on how you look at it, overlapping circles. One of our most popular designs.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥325,600〜(¥162,800 for single door)
    tax excluded¥296,000〜(¥148,000 for single door)

  • L 10ooasanohadukushi

    This luxurious shoji screen is lavishly decorated with a motif of entwined hexagons. We also recommend it without washi paper, as an accenting partition.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥363,000〜(¥181,500 for single door)
    tax excluded¥330,000〜(¥165,000 for single door)

  • LS 11ooumedukushi

    An original design with a pattern of plum blossoms. There is a definitive liveliness to these lush curves.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥343,200〜(¥171,600 for single door)
    tax excluded¥312,000〜(¥156,000 for single door)

  • LS 12goukakumiwake

    A product of the highest grade, lavishly furnished with three kinds of kumiko. Anyone would be impressed by its magnificent presence. Asanoha, goma, sakura-kikko.

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥523,600〜(¥261,800 for single door)
    tax excluded¥476,000〜(¥238,000 for single door)

* Sizes exceeding a width of 1,000 mm and a height of 1,899 mm may be priced higher.
* For more detailed information about the origins of these patterns, please see our page “About Kumiko Patterns.”
* Can be produced using an original design.
* Sizes are given for reference only. Orders may be made in increments of 1 mm.
* We are also able to handle custom orders made according to your architectural plans.
* Reinforced, tear-resistant washi paper is used in living room shoji screens. (4x strength)
* We are able to produce double-sided kumiko screens for use as partitions.


A sharp kumiko line to decorate the wall.

In patterns drawn in kumiko ranma, traditional Japanese values such as “auspiciousness” “four seasons” “scenery” were praised.
Today, we present the Japanese tradition of kumiko in a single line, not just inheriting the techniques but also the mind. The kumiko line, invented to match modern rooms, is made of a special wooden rail and the kumiko in a set. It can be embedded into spaces as a new type of Japanese decoration. The sharp line drawn with traditional pattens fit in homes, office spaces and shops, creating a modern Japanese atmosphere.

Border kumiko

Size ( 900mm/each): From W.900〜×H.108 / (including rail)
  • NB 01mitsukude

    tax included¥18,700〜
    tax excluded¥17,000〜

  • NB 02asanohachirashi

    tax included¥21,450〜
    tax excluded¥19,500〜

  • NB 03asanoha

    tax included¥24,200〜
    tax excluded¥22,000〜

  • NB 04goma

    tax included¥28,050〜
    tax excluded¥25,500〜

  • NB 05sakurakikkou

    tax included¥31,020〜
    tax excluded¥28,200〜

  • NB 06kasanerindo

    tax included¥26,070〜
    tax excluded¥23,700〜

  • NB07ume

    tax included¥26,620〜
    tax excluded¥24,200〜

  • NB 08shippokikko

    tax included¥24,530〜
    tax excluded¥22,300〜

  • NB 09osa

    tax included¥16,060〜
    tax excluded¥14,600〜

  • NB 10masu

    tax included¥17,820〜
    tax excluded¥16,200〜

  • NB 11masutsunagi

    tax included¥25,080〜
    tax excluded¥22,800〜

  • NB 12kakuasanoha

    tax included¥25,520〜
    tax excluded¥23,200〜

※ As we manufacture it according to the design, you can choose the size. (The price is estimated for 900mm/each)

※Maximums size possible is 2400mm. Above sizes will be made by connecting several parts.

Product details, CAD data / Download

CAD iamge
You can download drawing datas here.
dxf fileBorder kumiko dxf file
jwc fileBorder kumiko jwc file
pdf fileBorder kumiko pdf file


The traditional Japanese decoration “kumiko”, created by craftsmen.

In classic Japanese architecture, an alcove called “toconoma” is always set. In this very important space, the kumiko ranma is placed among with seasonal flowers and tapestries to greet guests.
Skilled craftsmen created the Japanese decoration, praising traditional Japanese values such as ”auspiciousness” “four seasons” “scenery”, and wishing the house and family’s prosperity in the coming years.

Kumiko ranma

Size :W.1704×H.363×D.30
  • RA 01futaebishi

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥134,200〜
    tax excluded¥122,000〜

  • RA 02komochihishi

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥160,600〜
    tax excluded¥146,000〜

  • RA 03asanohachirashi

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥137,500〜
    tax excluded¥125,000〜

  • RA 04komochibishi

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥151,800〜
    tax excluded¥138,000〜

  • RA 05nishuobikumiwake

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥198,000〜
    tax excluded¥180,000〜

  • RA 06asanohadukushi

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥184,800〜
    tax excluded¥168,000〜

  • RA 07kasanerindo

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥178,200〜
    tax excluded¥162,000〜

  • RA 08sanshukumiwake

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥286,000〜
    tax excluded¥260,000〜

  • RA 09osaranma

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥106,700〜
    tax excluded¥97,000〜

  • RA 10jougefukiyoseosaranma

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥112,200〜
    tax excluded¥102,000〜

  • RA 11kirikoiriosaranma

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥116,600〜
    tax excluded¥106,000〜

  • RA 12nijyukouzu

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥163,900〜
    tax excluded¥149,000〜

  • RA 13masutsunagi

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥152,900〜
    tax excluded¥139,000〜

  • RA 14kakuasaichimatsu

    Red cedar, cypress
    tax included¥176,000〜
    tax excluded¥160,000〜

※As we manufacture it according to the design, you can choose the size.Custom order available, free size.


Shizuku(a Drop)/floor lamp


The kumiko plays part in forming the lights and shadows of a space, as ceiling lamps or floor lamps.
The “Wind” series - a type of wall lighting that goes with Japanese and European rooms, or the “SHIZUKU” series - made by bending 140 pieces of plaided wood, and more. We carry small lamps for normal homes, to large lightings for facilities. The playful designs with gentle curves shines the room like no other lamp.

Floor lamp / SHIZUKU(a Drop)

Size :W.275×H.650×D.135 / E26 60W
tax included¥159,500〜
tax excluded¥145,000〜

Partition / Nami (Wave)


The partition wall made with modest vertical lattice has a sharp, smooth impression.
Simple as it is, it has a sophisticated design that lives on.
With a faint atmosphere of the other side and the light mildly reaching in, the partition gives relaxation and an accent to the space.

Partition / NAMI (Wave) Double

Size :W.930×H.1500×D.300
tax included¥308,000〜
tax excluded¥280,000〜

Partition / NAMI (Wave) Triple

Size :W.1380×H.1500×D.300
tax included¥462,000〜
tax excluded¥420,000〜

Kumiko folding screen

Kumiko folding screen

Size :W.930×H.1500(provisional size)
※ Kumiko patterns can be changed upon request.