To change with time.

The “kumiko” is said to have established long ago in the Kamakura era.
With no help from nails or metal parts, it draws out delicate patterns using only wood.

The ever so analogue, traditional method in Japan
is still used and beloved today after 800 years,
and it is not only because the tradition lived.
It is because the tradition changed with flexibility,
along with the time and people.

A “tradition” is not just about living it’s original shape,
but is about being polished through the eras, people, and daily lives.
The days pile up, and one day becomes a tradition.

Our “kumiko” is cultivated with people and their lives.
It is for the “people”.

We, Yoshihara Woodworking own solid techniques by our craftsmen, and an abiding philosophy.
That is why we can change with time.

To strengthen tradition with “change”.

To use the tradition, with a freedom of mind.
A craftsman with a flexible view, is what we will continue to be.


Company nameYoshihara Woodworking .Ltd
Company PresidentKeiji Yoshihara
FoundationNovember, 1958
EstablishmentJuly 1, 1996
CapitalJPY 5,000,000.00-
Office912-1,Murodani Misumi-cho,Hamada-city,Shimane 699-3303 Japan Tel:+81-(0)855-34-0227 Fax:+81-(0)855–34-0233
BusinessProducing and selling: Storage furniture (Built-in furniture) / fittings (slide doors, shoji, doors) / kumiko products (writing room shoji, kumiko ranma, lightings)
Our BankBank name: The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd. Branch name: Misumi
Bank name: Nihonkai Shinkin Bank Branch name: Misumi
Business hoursBusiness hours 9:00 ~ 17:00  Closed holiday Saturday, Sunday, Holidays


“Minister of Agriculture Award” is one of the many awards we have received. We are very honored and thankful to be awarded our skills and design. Our appreciation will be the power to keep on challenging.

  • 2013年

    Living room Shoji

    Good Design Award

  • 2013

    Wooden siding door “Mairado” with kumiko patterns

    47th National Fittings Fair
    Tottori Prefecture Tournament / The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Secretary Award

  • 2013

    Exhibit in MAISON & OBJET PARIS
    Participate as Shimane’s young craft artist “Shimane R Product”. “Curved Rumiko” yoshihara lightings and partition.

  • 2012

    Exhibit in MAISON & OBJET PARIS
    Participate in the world famous trade fair, often metaphor as the Paris Collection of the interior industry.

  • 2012

    Certified by Shimane prefecture as Excellent Professional Technician
    Keiji Yoshihara

  • 2011

    Shizuku(a Drop)

    3rd Kyoto “Hanatoro” (a lightened path along trees and flowers) Lantern Design Competition / Special Award

  • 2011

    Living room one-sided slide door

    45th National Fittings Fair
    Gifu Prefecture Tournament / Gifu Prefectural Assembly Chairman Award

  • 2009

    “Uzukuri” finished (scrubbed to show texture of grain) Partition

    43rd National Fittings fair
    Shizuoka Prefecture Tournament / The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award

  • 2006

    Certified as Shimane Prefecture’s traditional craft