With our eyes

Because kumiko is made completely of wood, the quality of the wood itself is extremely important. In addition to “Creating with wood”, “Selecting and determining the wood” is one of the craftsmen’s skills.

With our hands

Our craftsmanship starts from the wood auction, where we see and feel the log, and select the right wood with our own hands.

Types of wood

  • 檜材

    Cypress (from Japan)

    A high grade, long-life wood with durability, used in Buddhist temples. The color is bright and whitish at first, and gradually increases texture while aging.

  • 杉材

    Cedar (from Japan)

    Matches very well with traditional Japanese rooms, and the grains create a vivid expression. The variation of colors and characteristics of each tree grows with time.

  • スプルス材

    Spruce (not from Japan)

    Fairly reasonable, and fits well with both Japanese and European spaces. Rather than the aging process, enjoying the new condition is preferred.