Precisely Modern

Precisely Modern
House of S (Matsue city, Shimane)
  • Products
    Partition / Living room shoji
  • Patterns
    Oogara, Kakuasa-no-ha, Oo-Goma, Oo-Asanoha, Mitsukude, Mizuiri
  • Material
    Cypress / Acrylic

A modern new creation in which various techniques have been used everywhere, with consideration to more than appearance or interior design. It is the result of repeated meetings in the early stages with not just the owner, but also the designer. 

The entrance hall gives way to an atrium in which a checkered pattern on the second floor welcomes the visitors. The shade deepens by matching the lighting effectively, and the space is made complete with an alluring impression. I once again felt that traditional Japanese design not only fits Japanese-style rooms, but even styles as modern as this one. 

Fixtures have recently increased in size, and we find ourselves making more full-height partition walls much like this time. I would like to make even more effort to satisfy customers by making living room shoji screens with more diversity.