Cooking and Woodworking

Cooking and Woodworking
Restaurant Tokuri(Hamada city, Shimane)
  • Products
  • Patterns
    Goma, Shippo-Kikko
  • Material
    Cypress, Acrylic

There is a harbor in Hamada city, where the Yoshihara Woodworking office is located, which is dotted with many restaurants where you can eat the fresh bounties of the Sea of ​​Japan. We were tasked with the renovation of a store called “Tokkuri,” a famous old and local Japanese restaurant. 

Fixtures such as counters or hanging cupboards were made entirely out of cypress, as preferred by the owner. The entrance was adorned with plenty of Yoshihara Woodworking products such as solid, traditional kumiko partitions. 

Cooking and woodworking. The occupations are of course different, but were were touched by the never-ending pursuit of ingenuity, handicraft, and service to bring to the customers. 

I look forward to a continued association for many years to come.