A Connection to Overcome Distance

A Connection to Overcome Distance
House of H (Shizuoka prefecture)
  • Products
    Partition, Ranma, Window at floor level
  • Patterns
    Goma, Asanoha, Sakura, Osa-koushi
  • Material
    Red cedar

This was a special order in which, despite the customer being far away, all the work was done at Yoshihara Woodworks, from measurement to mounting. The customer found us on the Internet, and we started on a summer shoji screen at their request. At H’s suggestion, I was able to extend a Tokyo business trip, and head to their own home in Shizuoka. This was a very good idea, as it let me have a real look at the place. 

Delivery took around 9 hours, in a fast drive to and fro with two people. From a small hill near their home we saw an impressive view of the magnificent Mt. Fuji.