Kimono Patterns

Kimono Patterns
House of S (Hamada city, Shimane)
  • Products
    Living room shoji, Partition, Wooden door, Naguri wood process
  • Patterns
  • Material
    Red cedar

There is an old man who lives in a neighborhood of Murodani, to whom my parents and I have been indebted a long time. He always drops by the woodworking place with a smile, while he also helps out in rice fields during the busy farming season. We began work on a new piece for this man’s daughter. 

A “torn hemp leaf” sense is born from omitting the hemp leaf pattern in places. Although this design has been drawn on kimonos since long ago, is it the first time we have used its image to produce a living room shoji screen. I was very pleased with it. 

The lumpy wood grain of the crimson cedar door has a texture which is made prominent by planing. It seems to be an important room for guests to use and, when the old man visits, he also seems to feel at home there.