Adaptation to the space

Adaptation to the space
House of A (Okayama prefecture)
  • Products
    Partition / Living room shoji / Acrylic Shoji / Living room shoji (with family symbol) / Bent kumiko partition "Waves"
  • Patterns
    Oogara-kasane-Rindo(Gentian Sequences) / Kiriasa(Paulownia hemp)
  • Material
    Cypress / 2 sided kumiko / Acrylic

A new house built just 3 years ago, but the customer fell in love with the kumiko decorations, and we redid the fittings. We made living room shoji where there used to be a Japanese sliding door.

Designed to match European typed rooms, it was a perfect fit to connect Japanese and European rooms. In the paulownia hemp pattern of the shoji, we engraved the zenkova family symbol. The important room with the family altar completed with a prestigious touch. Gratefully, the partition waves are used too.