A fusion of old and new

A fusion of old and new
House of T (Hyogo prefecture)
  • Products
    Partition door / Entrance decoration shoji / Living room shoji / Ceiling lattice
  • Patterns
    Sanshu-obi(3 patterns arranged)
  • Material
    red cedar / Acrylic

An old house built in 1903 was being renovated after 114 years, and we were honored to take part in the project.

A wooden housing built in the good old way, with a special atmosphere and appearance that cannot be seen in modern houses.

The whole renovation took an year, and the mission to fuse the old and new was not easy. We made kumiko fittings and the ceiling lattice, using valuable red cedar where plywood is common nowadays. The high grade board was brought from Akita. The customer intended on genuine values, and gratefully we were able to finish our memorable work.